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Hell Yes. I would forgo my previously required 30th birthday bash in favor of front row tickets to their reunion tour. And might I say Donnie, you have NEVER looked better. Tivo is set for The Today Show tomorrow morning. And if my BFF wasn’t 8 months preggo, we would be on our way to NYC right now.
2. I scalded my hand this morning making tea for Hub. I actually cried; it hurt so badly. I have iced it all day and it still kills and is very swollen. Any suggestions on pregnancy ok pain relief? I’m typing this with one hand which is so not cool.
3. Um, Oreo Shakes from BK? YUMMY!

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  1. I don’t know about pain relief and also it might be too late for this on the burn but aloe is really good for soothing burns. My parents have an aloe plant and whenever someone burns themselves we just break off one of the branch/stalk things and rub the goo on the burn. It really works.Feel better!

  2. hahahaha! I should have known you would like Donnie too. he was always my favorite.I don’t know what to tell you on the burn – the best thing I’ve ever used was solarcaine spray but A) I don’t know if it exists anymore and B) I don’t know if it’s ok during pregnancy (I think so because it’s topical)

  3. Seriously, HOW can NKOTB looks SO GOOD? I heard a portion of The Right Stuff this morning and it made me giddy! HEE!

  4. My freshman-year roommate plastered her side of our room with NKOTB and Saved by the Bell posters. I’m still not over it.

  5. Take some Tylenol for the pain. Aloe for certain, or even some Neosporin ( i love that stuff!)I saw NKOTB in concert in HS~took my friend’s little sister to the concert. You better believe I rocked out. how sad is that?

  6. tylenol and aloe – right on! 🙂

  7. Hmmmm. I don’t know if I can share my Donnie. He IS a member of the FISHBOWL after all; time to see if he’s worth the hype. But, YEAH, baby!

  8. OUCH.I was slightly too told and jaded to love NKOTB the first time around….

  9. Just saw the Today show. And in the words of an illustrious song, to my DW: “I wanna lick lick lick ya from your head to your toes…”

  10. MOTY- so there with you, but more so—on account of the hormones, I’m sure. I put it on my PC when I got to work, and I was actually sweating. I have already exchanged several emails about concert prospects. How funny that bunches of 30-something women will be behaving like teenagers—only it will be better than before!! We can get drunk!!

  11. Sorry to hear about your hand! That shake sounds good. I am craving all things cold. Snow cones, ice, ice cream, you name it.

  12. Drunk and laid – he’s on my PASS LIST! So, if he were to show up in The Lou, well, I’m just saying…

  13. Mmmmm…Oreo shakes!I’m sorry about your hand. I hope it starts to feel better.

  14. Man, you guys are funny.Those guys just look oogey to me. Like like…I dunno. They give me the creeps.


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