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CA has green goop leaking from her nose and right eye. It is not at all charming. She was up several times during the night and ended up in our bed after Hub left for work at 5AM. I’m waiting for a “post-naptime come and get your sick child what were you thinking sending her today” type of call from daycare.

ED will tell anyone of his love of “brown” and “pink” pop tarts. Sadly, Hub bought the wrong pink ones, strawberry instead of cherry. The frosting on the strawberry is white, making them “not pink”. I argued with ED about it being the same thing, and my last words before getting in the shower this morning were “It better be gone when I get out.” It was, and I asked him about it. Was it good, etc. I noticed there was no pop-tart mess on his face and questioned him further. He insisted it was “all gone”. I asked him to why there were no pop tarts in his teeth and was told “Because it’s all gone in the garbage can, not in my belly.” What kind of 4-year-old can play the semantics game? Mine can!!

We are grilling tonight, and I am excited. The weather has been great the last few days, and though it is dreary today, it is still warm. I’m going to be bitter when it sleets and rains this weekend.

Backtracking a bit, Hub took the kids to the children’s museum yesterday and spent a good 5 hours there. He called me several times with updates. My favorite one “This place is a haven for SAHM’s! I wonder if I could join the Mommy club!”

We’ve been having quite a bit of dialogue about what to do with the kids while I am on Maternity Leave. I think it’s important for them to continue with daycare—it won’t be any fun being cooped up in the house with baby and me all summer. When pre-school changes to summer camp in late June, we have the opportunity to modify their schedule until September without losing their MWF slot for the fall. The problem is that they would change over to 2 days per week BEFORE my leave (I plan on working thru 7/15) and they would change back to 3 days per week probably a full month before I am back at work. This whole business of not being able to hold our slots for us is a bit ridiculous. I get that they are in the business of making money, but seriously, come on.

We haven’t told them yet that we don’t plan on enrolling The Bean until she is a year old; when ED is safely in kindergarten. They are starting to look at me funny as I waddle through the halls with no mention of my pregnancy. Whatev.

Have I mentioned that we are considering traveling to Atlanta at the end of May? When I will be starting my 8th month of pregnancy? Oh yeah!! I wonder if it will be worse than VA was in June when I was pregnant with CA.

And finally, I found out late last night that the gutting of my kitchen is happening tomorrow. I am not at all prepared. Nothing like a little bit of notice!!

Oh, and a last minute FINALLY!! Hub just brought a Ford Edge by to see if we really could fit all 3 car seats in the back. WE CAN!!! It’s an 07 so I think we can get a pretty good deal. YAY! YAY! YAY! Next to the El Camino this is my dream car!!

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  1. The EL CAMINO. Awesome.I have wondered how that daycare thing is done. I guess I was sort of HOPING that the answer was “ship older child(ren) off and stay home with baby”.AD’s daycare turns into total summer camp in the summertime too. They have the ice cream truck and splash day and petting zoos and all kinds of shit.

  2. I do not understand why people think that just because it is obvious that someone is pregnant, that person is required to formally announce it and then discuss it with everyone. I imagine that I will be a slightly grumpy pregnant woman.Also, yay for your dream car!

  3. The pop tart conversation was hilarious.

  4. Good news on the vehicle! One of my main concerns should I (please no) fall pregnant again in the near future is how the bloody hell we would fit three carseats in the back of my Focus.

  5. hey, here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash, I was making about $900 extra a month…check it out ..

  6. hey, here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash, I was making about $900 extra a month…check it out ..

  7. It’s all about the vehicle. I drive a Ford Freestar. I have 2 booster seats in the 3rd row and two convertible seats in the second row. If we were to EVER have another child in the car, we’d have to strap them to the roof. I’m always joking that we need to get a Hummer Limo. Those thing would work out just fine with all our kids.

  8. Oh, that is so so lucky that HA gets to stay home for her first year. So lucky. I am jealous.

  9. My mom has a Ford Edge and I love it. I’ve driven it many times, and I love how it handles too. I drive a Ford Focus wagon (twin to Desparate Housewifes), and it handles so well I never thought I’d find something that great. I can totally see the Edge fitting 3 car seats with the 3rd row. We took my mom’s on vacation last year with 4 adults and one car seat and a car full of luggage.Good luck with the whole daycare dilema. It sounds confusing. And I hope CA is feeling better soon!

  10. I like pink poptarts too, lol, not strawberry. That whole scene is hilarious.

  11. so, i know you can’t do it now, but, SOON my pediatrician told me breast milk is the best cure for goo in kids eyes. I swear, in fact they said it is great on cuts too! hmmmm. my friend put some on her 2 year olds pink eye and it cleared up over night (she had a 2 week old thats why she had breast milk, she wasn’t nursing a 2 year old, he he)


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