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My weekend was actually pretty good, despite the fact that the drama queens in my family cancelled our Christmas gathering due to the potential of a bad snow storm. This is complete jackassery if you ask me. It started with my uncle flat out refusing to go because he didn’t want to get stranded somewhere. Then my mother started freaking out until finally my aunt just cancelled it. The storm was not supposed to hit until late in the evening, when we would all be at her house anyway. Worst case scenario, we could have all stayed there. Luckily, I am a huge procrastinator so when my mother called at 10 to say it was off, I was just stepping in to the checkout line at the grocery store and I gave everything back to the cashier.

I’m a little bit smug over the fact that the weather never really got that bad.

We ended up having a good weekend anyway. We took the kids sledding and to see Santa on Saturday during the day, I took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, and then we saw Alvin and The Chipmunks and went out for dinner in the evening. Yesterday I slept in and then baked Christmas cookies. I had good intentions of cleaning the kitchen floor, but it never happened. It is a filthy mess.

Despite the fact that I slept all weekend, I am exhausted today. Really exhausted. I have been sick in the evenings, rather than all day, and I haven’t been eating much dinner. Sick for me involves loud and exaggerated gagging which hub and the kids find to be very entertaining and imitate very well. I’m not entertained, fuck-holes. I’m surprised FIL hasn’t caught on yet. 2 more weeks ‘til I go to the doctor. This is the longest I have ever waited and it is keeeeeeling me. I just want to see my baby bean doing ok, and happily swimming around in there.

The Head Teacher from the 9-18 month room at the old daycare has transferred to the new one. She was one of CA’s favorites, and has been assigned to her room as an assistant. (I guess she takes the bus and could not transfer to the brand new center that opens in Jan. so she decided to stay with the company as an assistant.) My kids were always the teacher’s favorites at the old place (how could they not be) so it was nice to see someone who was genuinely excited to see them both and notice how much they’ve grown over the last 5 months. The old director was in for a visit last week and we got to see her too. It’s nice that we still have some ties to the old staff that we were so comfortable with.

Well this is all over the place and apparently I have nothing good to say. I’m debating taking a nap in lieu of a lunch today. Sounds like a plan.