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Friday Free For All (28-week check-up edition)

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• I don’t have Gestational Diabetes!! Hooray! No more of that orange crap!!
• I am in the “meet all of the doctors in our practice in case they deliver your baby” phase. I met Dr. 2 of 3 today and liked her just as much as my regular doctor. I feel very validated in changing practices.
• As of now, I am on every 2 week visits. The third trimester!! Holy Hell!!
• Doctor asked “how many kids is this for you???” and when I said 3 she immediately asked me what I was doing about birth control post-baby. What if I said nothing?? (I said Mirena because I’ve heard it’s an excellent option for breastfeeding moms and she agreed stating “more effective than tubal ligation!! They should put that on a billboard.)
• She wants me to see a surgeon regarding my hernia. They will probably do nothing while I am pregnant, however, it’s better to have a relationship with someone incase something does happen. So I’ll schedule that shortly.
• To date I have gained 18 lbs. I weigh right now what I did at the end of my pregnancy with Bud. (shoot harpoon me)
• I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, which is on par for me. We will be evaluating size between 34 and 36 weeks.
• Olivia kicked or punched the Doppler in every spot the doctor placed it. Already, she has SPUNK. (I am in for it………)

In blast from the past news: The last song I heard on my way in today was Michael Jackson “Black or White”. Wasn’t this the coolest video back in the day? I loved Macauley Culkin and the morphing faces! Then my very favorite show at the time, “In Living Color” spoofed it. “Am I black or white, please tell me! We don’t know!” It’s funny what you remember when you least expect it. This goes back to me being in 8th grade—like 15 years.

On one hand, reminiscing is good, but the other hand makes me want to vomit.

I’m old.

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  1. Is Mirena the IUD? I am not up on this crap (OBV).28 weeks! YAY!

  2. I am not even close to being pregnant yet but I am already planning on asking for an IUD to be inserted the second my first baby comes out. I learned that from all you amazing bloggers. The mini pill sounds like something I am SO not interested in dealing with.Also, I’m glad you don’t have gestational diabetes! Yay!

  3. My OB/GYN totally sold me on Mirena, until she realized I hadn’t had kids yet. Then she said, “I usually only recommend it for people who’ve given birth.”Which makes me want it now really bad. (Mirena, not kids.)

  4. Tessie- yes, the IUD. Jess- The pill, in any form, SUCKS, especially after childbirth. Shauna- you are hysterical!

  5. Yay, no gestational diabetes!Hooray for big babies!

  6. Not having gestational diabetes is great! The test you have to go through sucks so much though. I had to go through it on my second, and also did not have gestational diabetes. Having to have that damn test done taught me to not have a Snickers bar for breakfast the day they do the glucose test.My doctor asked me about birth control when I was pregnant with my 4th, and I DID say nothing. BCPs and other hormone-based birth control make me violently ill, and the though of putting something foreign up inside me doesn’t warm the cockles of my heart. So now we’re just careful. VERY VERY EXTREMELY careful. Because four is definitely enough for us.

  7. Mirena is awesome blossom, girl. I really really love it. No worries! Effective! You can nurse! YAY!Plus I am so terrible about taking pills. If I were on a pill of some sort, I’d have about 12 kids by now.Olivia the Spunk. Love it. And so glad you love your practice. Having a doctor you don’t exactly like is just so stressful. Or at least it was for me.

  8. My doctor made me promise that 4 was enough. 🙂 After 2 miscarriages between the two oldest, then having twins to boot, I was sold. Of course, my husband had the Big V. What a guy!


  10. YOU’RE OLD? I was in COLLEGE when the “Black and White” video came out.I just don’t know if I can be your friend now.;-)Am seriously considering Mirena. Still gives me a bit of the creeps to think of that thing floating around in my uterus, though.

  11. So, I’m enjoying catching up on your posts. You’re always so funny and have lots to say. I love that.All the OB things sound fun. They make me want another baby right this minute. Well, actually they make me want to be pregnant right this minute. It is so exciting getting switched to every two weeks and entering the 3rd trimester. And the dopplers and ultrasounds..ahh. I miss that.Good luck with the Mirena. I don’t like to think about things like that. It freaks me out. I was on BC pills for about a year (when we were first married) and decided that was NOT for me. At that point there weren’t as many options for us. But after that, I won’t try anything else. (We just use the ole condoms, and so far that works for us.) Anyway, I hear good things about Mirena though, so I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of it too.


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