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Friday Free for All- A Tale of Two Memes

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Yes, I am doing Memes today to take my mind off the crap and the stress a la Sarah. I did have a really nice relaxing night last night though which included all children sleeping before 9, hot chocolate and whipped cream, and being in bed in time to watch Seinfeld at 10.

Favorite Christmas Carol: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings mix by BNL and Sarah McLachlan
Favorite Christmas Cookie: peanut butter blossoms
Favorite Christmas Movie: A Christmas Story—We watch it through Christmas Eve at Hub’s cousin’s house and keep it on at home too.
Favorite Christmas Tradition: Selecting “the perfect ornament” with the kiddos each year (we are going tonight!), our annual Christmas morning Brunch where my parents and Hub’s parents come to eat and exchange gifts
Christmas Dinner: Usually ham, My Aunt Lisa makes an excellent Christmas Dinner every year
Best Childhood Christmas Present: Definitely the original Nintendo. There was one gift left under the tree and it was marked for my mom. She asked my brother and I to open it for her. It.Was.Awesome,
What do you do with Christmas Cards? Up until this year, I put them in this card tree we had, but they always fell out. So I threw it out. I have no idea what I am doing with thme now.
Sitting on Santa’s lap: fun or scary? Scary!!!
What is the best gift you’ve given? Hmmm, I got Hub a TiVo and if that isn’t the gift that keeps on giving, I don’t know what is.
What is your favorite Christmas book? I can’t even think of a Christmas book…..
When did you find out the truth about Santa? I was about 8 and my 5-year-old brother told me. Naïve much?
Where is your favorite place to celebrate Christmas? I like what we do, which is Hub’s family on Christmas Eve, home with the kiddos in the morning, then family brunch, and then my Uncle’s house on Christmas night. I also enjoy “fake Christmas” with my mom’s side of the family.

And now for something completely different……

I saw this over at Pocklock’s Blog and thought it was really interesting. Basically, you ask the Meme poster to assign you a letter, and you write about 10 things you love that begin with that letter. And so I commented, and she assigned me “S”. That being said, if you would like to do this one, leave me a comment, and I will assign you a letter.

So, here I go, 10 things I LOVE that begin with the letter “S”.

1. I love Seinfeld. Seriously, if I had $200 to drop, I would buy the complete series on DVD. My life is peppered with quotes and actions from the series. There are many photos from my wedding of me dancing as Elaine. Oh yes, Seinfeld. I love you. (I would love to receive “Scene It—The Seinfeld Edition” for Christmas)

2. Stern. I love you, Howard Stern.

3. And on the same token, I love my Sirius Satellite Radio. The 90’s alternative station always takes me back to high school.
4. Sebastian, my crazy old cat. He has kept me entertained for the last 8 years. And I love him even though I have to keep my toes tucked in tight under my blanket all night long, for fear that he will think we are playing some sort of crazy, toe biting, night time game. (I love you too, Oswald)
5. Starbucks. There is not a day that could not be made better by a fancy Starbucks drink. My current favorite?? The Peppermint Mocha Twist. Yum.

6. Samantha, my sweet niece.
7. Soup, especially this time of the year. For the record, one of my favorite meals is canned chicken noodle soup and a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayo. The sandwich is, or course, dunked in the soup.
8. Sisters. I don’t actually have a sister, but those that I consider to be my sisters, I loves you muchly.
9. Sleep. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… (I miss you………)
10. Shot glasses. We have close to 150 in out collection

So there you have it…and wouldn’t you know, I DO feel better. Happy Weekend!!

Friday Free For All

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1. Hub has been doing a lot of housework—laundry, dishes, general straightening—on the days that he is home. I feel like maybe I should be motivated to do more when I am home, but I am not. I get home between 6 and 6:30 and try to spend time with each of the kids. And yes, part of the problem is that I let Liv sleep on my chest for a good hour before I put her down, but I can’t help it. By the time I get organized, feed the cats, make bottles and get my pump ready, it’s like 11PM. I’m not about to clean the bathroom that late.
2. Speaking of my pump, I am making more milk. I think that my supply goes down when I have my period but then picks back up again when it’s gone. The proof is in the poop, which was good old breast milk poop this morning. I never thought I’d be so excited about poop. So yes, there is some formula, but not as much as I’d thought. YAY!
3. Of course I will only be able to pump once today because we have an “Appropriate Associate Conduct” seminar (a la The Office) from 3-5 today.
4. For those of you who supported me as I vented elsewhere this week, thank you. I feel a million times better.
5. My aunt is in town from Georgia this weekend and we are all getting together on Sunday for the football game. Everyone is bringing snacks and dips. They will have to roll me out of there. I’m making Hot Pepper Dip, which is oh so yum. I think I’m going to dig out Bud’s Bills shirt for Liv to wear. Even though The Bills have been sucking it up hardcore lately.
6. I’m kind of jealous of Kristin… who is meeting up with some fellow bloggers this weekend and is calling it Blogvention 2008. I want to have my own Blogvention! Some of us live pretty close to each other actually. Some of us live a little farther out, but still within hours. Why couldn’t we have a blogvention? Just putting it out there.
7. Ending with a few Halloween Pictures:

Friday Free For All- MEME

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I was not tagged for this one, but STOLE it for something to do.

10 years ago I was:
1. 20 years old
2. living in our basement apartment
3. going to community college
4. working 3 jobs
5. having an all around great time

5 things on today’s to-do list:
1. Work. I have a ton to do.
2. Figure out some banking information
3. Get something for lunch
4. Clean up my desk.
5. Pizza night with Hub and the kids

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. chips and Bison dip
2. Oreos dunked in coffee
3. green peppers in my mom’s cheese dip
4. fresh baked brownies
5. peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire (or billionaire):
1. Get the best education for my kids that was available
2. travel the world
3. buy a great house with a super kitchen
4. quit my job and have more kids
5. (then) get my boobs lifted and tummy tucked

5 places I have lived:
1. Buffalo, NY with my Parents
2. Lockport, NY with my Parents
3. Lockport, NY with Hub
4. Where we live now
5. n/a

5 jobs I have had:
1. Trainer-Boston Market
2. Manager-Blockbuster Video
3. Sales Associate-Frederick’s of Hollywood (oooh laaa laaa!!)
4. Escalations Manager
5. Mommy

Friday Free for All—Twitter MEME

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Well, Sarah over at No Whey, Mama tagged me for this Twitter meme, though I am not sure how it’s a Twitter meme anymore. The object is to share 6 things that people don’t know about you. I thought it would make great fodder for my Friday Free for All. I’m pretty open over here, but I’m sure I can think of a few things.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to chew gum. Love it. Even more though, I love crack my gum. Oh yeah, I’m obnoxious,
2. I have recently become obsessed with the Ford Flex . It’s so retro and cool. I want this car in one of those crazy metallic colors.
3. I majored in voice and music through high school and college (before I switched to business). Although it is speaking, I attribute my recording work here to what I learned in my studies. And though I don’t in any formal capacity any more, I really love to sing.
4. When I was a kid, I would constantly think about what I wished my name was. Top contenders were: Juana, Andra, and Constance. I’m ok with Sara now though.
5. My BFF and I probably spent 18 hours a week at the mall when we were in middle and high school. We were constantly getting guy’s #’s. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of my girls behaving that way. Positively sick.
6. We are planning on going to Disney this spring and I am more excited than a little kid about it. Hub and I have never been and we can’t wait to take the kids. So excited that if I think about it, I can’t sleep at night.

The rules are to tag 6 people and blah blah, but I’m not going to. If you haven’t done this, consider yourself tagged!!

Friday Free For All!

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This whole week has pretty much been a free-for-all, huh? Maybe I’ll be more structured next week.

• It is probably a good thing that there were no video cameras at daycare when Bud was a baby. I would most definitely be a SAHM. I am obsessed with what they are (or aren’t as the case may be) doing with Liv. I had a long talk with the center director on Wednesday about what I expect. I don’t feel like my baby should be more important to them than any other baby, but I feel like since she is incredible laid back and happy (easy) they’ll leave her in the swing for 3 hours. She’s not complaining, right? Well I am. I was screaming at my computer screen the other morning “ENGAGE HER FOR CHRISSAKES!!!” I’m close to just pulling her out of there. The big kids need to be there to learn. She does not. And I’m not even saying anything bad about the daycare per se, because they really are great. I just don’t know.
• I was thinking that I feel more attached to Liv than I did with the other kids; that I have a harder time leaving her. But then I remembered coming home after Bud was born, and just holding him and sobbing for weeks on end before I finally felt better about leaving him. It wasn’t like that with Lucy. Maybe because her babyhood was so close to Bud’s? In any case, I miss this baby so fiercely throughout the day that it physically hurts sometimes. And when I finally get her, whether it’s a daycare day or a day she’s home with Hub, I just hold and snuggle her, and fight back the hysterical feelings.
• I think the term full time mom irritates me. Like someone said recently “I work here part time, because I’m a full time mom.” Guess what A-wipe? I’m still a mom while I’m at my desk. We are all full time moms.
• I mentioned a while ago that breastfeeding wasn’t going well this time. We worked through it and are still going strong. I’m glad.
• I feel like I need to clarify that Lucy’s favorite name “Loveline” is pronounced “Luv-a-leen”, not like Dr. Drew’s show. And we are not naming our dog that.
• The rotavirus vaccine causes the worst smelling baby poop and gas that I have ever encountered.
• I can’t stop saying “Joe Sixpack” and “Hockey Mom” in my very best Sarah Palin voice.
• I still hate my hair.
• I’m glad it’s autumn.

Friday Free For All

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• I didn’t post yesterday, maybe because I was working, maybe because I didn’t have anything good to say or maybe (just maybe) I was too busy obsessing about how my torso in this photo is about the size of one of my thighs today. I don’t know……
• I’m making a conscious effort to not consume so much crap over these next few weeks as the baby puts on weight. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, my diet has contributed to the hypoglycemia of the other 2 children at birth. This doesn’t mean that I’m not roasting 10 marshmallows in the oven and eating them with a spoon (oh, because I TOTALLY am), but it means that I’m not doing it twice or 3 times in the same day. I’m also eating breakfast and making coffee at home rather than buying donuts and pastries, which has to be helping.
• At this point though, I’ve kind of lost interest in food. But I’m looking forward to eating hospital food. Because I’m a f-r-e-a-k. I love hospital food.
• I made 24 banana muffins on Wednesday night and as of this morning they are gone. Bud consumed 10 of them. 10 muffins. They are on the side of small cupcakes in size, but 10 muffins!! OMG.
• I have a few small objectives at work that are not work related. They are: sneaking in wearing my flip-flops which is a huge no-no, getting up as few times as possible while maintaining a constant supply of water, and walking without appearing to have something lodged in between my legs. So far I have done well with the first 2, not so much with the last. I’m also wearing jeans every day because all of my other clothes are stupid and uncomfortable. I’m having a love affair with Hub’s sweat shorts right now; they are a constant part of my at-home wardrobe.
• My desk thermometer reads 77 degrees, which solidifies my belief that I am being tortured.
• Despite having slept really well for the last 3 nights, I can not shake the feeling of exhaustion. Something tells me it won’t be going away any time soon.
• There will be contests-a-plenty next week. HOW FUN!!

Friday Free For All-The Baby Gear/Getting Ready Edition

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1. Did I ever tell you that I get a 10% discount at through work? They have free shipping on baby gear right now, so I ordered the 2 big ticket items I needed today. LOOK!!!


This is a huge weight off of my shoulders.

2. Did I ever mention the awesome sling that Shelly Overlook sent me, like way back in February? I still owe her for that one. I mean, look at it!! It is very luxurious.

3. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t have a whole lot left to buy. I saved Lucy’s bottles and still have a crapload of inserts, so I need nipples. I will buy a few binkies, but my kids don’t want them. I need new valves for my breast pump, which seriously cost like 38 cents and collection bottles because my BIL’s stupid girlfriend lost them all. How, I don’t know, because she used the pump for a week. I guess I need to make sure it still works too. A few more onseies and sleepers, nursing pads and bags, butt cream, diapers, some baby soap, a sleep positioner and I think I’m pretty much done? I’d like to get a Bumbo, but Hub thinks they are stooooopid.

4. Does it seem like I’m missing any newborn necessities? Even with all the stuff I already have, I feel like I’m forgetting something.

5. I’m cleaning out our room this weekend and we’ll move the bassinette in within the next few weeks. I need to wash the linens but will save that for last; or at least I won’t put them in for a while because the cats will think I’ve set up their bed. Until it smells like the baby, they’ve always camped in there, causing me to rewash EVERYTHING. They are jerks.

6. I need to wash the pad for the carseat/carrier.

7. And hose off the stroller and let it sit outside in the sun to dry. It’s GRODY.

8. I’m trying to refrain from buying any more clothes, despite the Monster Sale at TCP. I may cave and buy the overalls for $4.99. I’m actually probably going to drive out to the Outlet in Niagara Falls this weekend to see what I can get. She probably has like, 30 outfits though—and really, where is she going?

9. My bag is mostly packed—I do need some new nursing bras. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have the sport type ones for around the house, but I definitely need something more supportive (but with no wires because they cause my ducts to clog, YAY) for leaving the house. I also need to buy something to wear at the hospital. I’m so mad at Old Navy for discontinuing the matching outfits I was buying for baby and me. You know, these:

10. When I type it all out, it really doesn’t seem like a whole lot. Is there something obvious that I am forgetting here?

Friday Free For All

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• I have been leaning more and more toward Lynne for a middle name for this baby. Lynne is my middle name and I think it flows well with what we have chosen. Hub, per usual, has concerns. Bud shares Hub’s name. Lucy is just Lucy, and this baby will have part of my name. He feels as if in the future Lucy could feel wounded. My argument is that Lucy was given the girl’s name that I had pined for since I was in 9th grade. Doesn’t that count for something? Does anyone else feel like Hub thrives on conflict???? Ok that might be the heat talking, but jeeze!
• Speaking of the heat Hub did not get the AC on yesterday. It was a miserable night—to the point where he offered to at least take care of the bedroom (where up until last night I have not slept in for 3 weeks but that’s where the ceiling fan was) when he got home at 3am. I am not going to be a happy girl if it is not taken care of when I get home today.
• I took a trip to Chez Target on my lunch yesterday, looking for comfy, nursing appropriate hospital wear, and ended up leaving with 2 swimsuits for Lucy, 2 swim trunks for Bud, croc-style water shoes for each of them (which I swore I would NEVER buy, but they were $5.99 and very cute), sunglasses for me, and a cloth hobo-style bag that I converted in to a purse (it’s blue with teeny butterflies on it). No hospital clothes though. I liked nothing.
• I like how a lot of you picked up that I actually am a child hater in my last post. Some of those kids at daycare are just plain ANNOYING! I’m just not a fan of Bud telling people that I hate someone specific. (Speaking of my last post, I think I actually got a spam comment for Japanese porn.)
• I could have punched this lady out at daycare this morning, by the way. There are 2 PC’s where you sign your kids in and there she is holding her child (younger than Lucy, 18-mos or so), and having him touch the screen and look for letters and their name. I appreciate her trying to educate her baby, but the time and place for it is NOT when I am trying to get my already late ass to work. I kid you not, 5 other parents used the other computer while she used the one. And I, the poor planner, stood behind her thinking she’d be done any second while these other parents used the other one. Finally, when it was free, I stormed to the other one in a huff and shot daggers at this woman as I pounded my information in to the screen.
• Bud and Hub are going to Crash-O-Rama!! tomorrow and Lucy and I are doing something with my parents. Dinner will be involved but for the life of me I can not pick a place. Nothing sounds good—I’m tired of the American bar and grill experience. I just want something different and delicious.
• I’ve felt pretty good at work this week—I’m not sure if I’ve felt good enough to tell the doctor I can make it for another 2 when I see her on Monday, but in all, I’ve felt good. I kind of feel obligated to stay for a bit, since my boss was just dealt a huge personal blow and may be off of work for a bit. She’s taking things day by day and so am I.

Friday Free For All–The Random Mish Mosh of Things I Didn’t Tell You This Week Edition

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1. OH! So you wanted to hear actual details about my pregnancy related doctor’s visit this week? How rude of me! The hip pain and locking I’ve been experiencing is, in fact, sciatica. Who knew? I met the third and final doctor of my practice and she might be my favorite so far…she curses more than I do! She began documenting my chart re: the sciatica so that I can get out of work as soon as possible. Apparently, (according to her) “insurance companies typically don’t give a damn when it comes to pulling a woman from work because of sciatica. They’re all run by men who do not understand this pain.” So we’ll keep record of it and I’ll stick it out another week or two, and I’ll be done working. My insurance is pretty lenient though; I was pulled for a hemorrhoid the last time around….
2. Speaking of embarrassing pregnancy symptoms, I had a sneeze stuck all day yesterday. I kept getting the “ha ha….” But no “CHOO!”. Finally, at about 10PM the choo up and surprised me, and I, well, peed a little. The joys, right? What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while pregnant? For me, and nobody even knows, it was when I was 8-months pregnant with Lucy and we were in Virginia Beach. Our second night there, we decided to take Bud for a dip in the pool. I was amazed at how relaxing the water was; I felt light, and comfortable, and didn’t have 15lbs resting on my bladder. We stayed in for quite a while—I even stated for a bit once Hub and Bud were done. Getting out was the issue. Standing on the deck, all of the sudden my legs were warm. I thought “well what the…..did my water break??” Oh no. All of the pressure being back on my bladder caused me involuntarily pee. I couldn’t do anything but laugh hysterically, and be glad that nobody else was around. (The second most embarrassing pregnancy thing for me was Bud pulling down my whole shirt, from the neck, in the grocery store. There were exposed breasts involved. Maybe THIS is the most embarrassing…..)
3. I have developed a craving for anything containing apple compote. The Tim Horton’s by our house has a delicious apple cheese danish and I have had to set a serious limit on myself to 2 per day. I’m glad that none of the others in my daily path carry them, for I would be in big trouble. McDonald’s apple pies do not figure in to my 2 per day limit, in case you were wondering.
4. Lucy has taken to a fun new game where she asks such questions as “what if I turned in to a table?” or “what if I turned in to the ceiling?” I’ve taken to wanting to hurl myself out the window.
5. We took a really fun trip to Canada’s Wonderland yesterday, which is actually where Dora and Diego live. Spongebob was visiting from the Ocean as well. Despite being stuck in traffic for 3 hours on the way home, it was a great day. We took it really slow, and let the kids do pretty much whatever they wanted. We were afraid Lucy would be too small for the rides, but she just made it. It was our first big outing without a stroller, and it was missed—not for kid-porting, but for storage. Olivia will give us reason to use it again soon though!!! Here are a few photos:

Bud Lucy and Me on a Swan Boat. (Alternate title: Holy Bazongas!!!!)

Watching Bud Ride

You should have heard him trash-talking the other kids! “You’re going in to the wall…I’m slamming you in to it. You’ll never hit my car!” and so on…

Diego is a bit creepy, no? A lot creepy? Yeah…

Didn’t stop Lucy though….

BY FAR Lucy’s favorite ride

My absolute favorite photo of the day

Here it is the right way though

6. I am back to work on Monday, so more regular posting will follow. I am committed to catching up on blogs now, before Hub gets home. It’s impossible to get on the computer when he’s home. I am fearing that my blog will be severely lacking while I’m on maternity leave.

Friday Free For All–Work Stuff

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1. I had a minor nervous breakdown on Tuesday when I was working late and could not find my evening Zantac in my purse. The laughter of my employees brought me out of it, as I had the entire contents of my purse, including tampons (um, why are they still there??) spread across my desk. For some reason, none of us could stop laughing. I did find the pill, entangled in about 400 receipts held together with a broken off pen top.
2. We actually laugh a lot at work. One of my employees is a complete germophobe and slathers her entire body in antibacterial gel about 30 times a day. Another employee came over last Friday to tell me that she had seen the girl disinfect the change she just got back from the pop machine. I laughed so hard that I cried. I’ve thought about rubbing my ass on her keyboard A la Elaine, but she actually wipes down her entire desk when she gets in every morning.
3. Tomorrow is my scheduled Saturday to work. I was thinking about taking some photos of my desk to show the world where I blog from. You might be disgusted though because I keep it in a horrible state of disarray. But I know where everything is.
4. I still have one of three bags of Munchos left. You thought I didn’t have any self control.
5. My boss regularly sends me links to check out celebrity gossip and odd things she finds online. She is the best laid back kind of boss there is. She’s also a bad influence on me when it comes to eating and shopping, which is why I have to be well on track with a post-pregnancy diet before I get back to work.
6. We have an employee in my department who has “chemical sensitivity”. A few years ago it was mandated that nobody on our side of the building wear perfume/cologne/scented lotions and no cleaners from home were allowed. We actually invested in this vinegar based cleaner that 1. smells like, well, vinegar (or douche, I’m told) and 2. does not do a very good job. This employee lost a lot of weight last year and all of the sudden we noticed the smell of perfume on her. Scented hairspray too. And she started coloring her own hair. Nobody takes precautions any longer; however the “chemical sensitivity” signs are still posted all over our side of the building.
7. Our coffee machines dispense coffee for free. It is not good coffee. We are not allowed to brew coffee at our desks, or have any other small appliances either.
8. We have an unofficial Lactation Room that despite my booking months in advance had people in it holding meetings at my designated times. I found an abandoned office with a lock and no windows the last time around, but we have since remodeled. I am contacting site management to turn the original room in to an official Lactation Room so that nursing mothers no longer have to worry about being evacuated to the bathroom in order to bring milk home to their babies. (I use an electric pump anyway, so the bathroom thing does not fly for me.)